About Us

JIVA Seafood’s seafood resources are extraordinarily diverse, from marine to freshwater and coast to coast. These resources are handled and processed following stringent criteria to assure food safety, premium quality, and optimal market value. As domestic and worldwide demand for sustainable seafood rises, Indonesia is attempting to enhance its management methods, securing marine resources for foreign customers and safeguarding the livelihoods of local suppliers. Indonesian seafood exhibits particular ingredients and traditional recipes, infused with the knowledge of 17,000 islands due to years of culinary expertise and fishing experience. Indonesia offers unparalleled variety and unparalleled quality to worldwide buyers. JIVA Seafood is the best sourcing choice for safe and high-quality seafood sourced from a network of reputable vendors.

“Indonesian Seafood to Feed the World”
Indonesian fisheries products will become one of the primary sources of nutrition and food in Indonesia and around the world for future generations.

“One-Stop Sourcing for Diverse Seafood Products of the Highest Quality”
Indonesia is a perfect location to obtain a vast array of premium fishing products.

“Indonesia Provides More”
Indonesia’s fishery products are superior to those of other nations in terms of quality and quantity.

“Seafood in Indonesia: Naturally Diverse”
Indonesia possesses a range of fishery products, both naturally occurring and with added value, that is unique to Indonesia and not owned by other nations.

“Safe and enduring.”
Indonesian fisheries products are safe for human consumption and created with the conservation of fish resources and the well-being of all involved parties.

Why Source from JIVA Seafood?
1. Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelagic nation and home to over 8,500 kinds of fish. Indonesia produces almost 66 per cent of the world’s tropical seaweed, more than 6 million tons of sustainably harvested fish per year, and about 18 million hectares of aquaculture.
2. All seafood exporters in Indonesia are GMP-certified and employ proactive sustainable fisheries practices.
3. We ensure the quality of our seafood through 46 recognized laboratories dispersed throughout the country.